Dr. Juliann Kauffman, Ed.D.

Dr. Kauffman received her doctorate in psychology from the
University of San Francisco.

Her background also includes 14 years as an educator, as well as extensive training in interventions aimed at developing self-esteem, creativity, and motivation and those aimed at diminishing cognitive, behavioral, and emotional patterns and beliefs related to low self-esteem, underachievement, depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Her work with young children, age seven and up, includes: play and behavioral therapy with conjoint family consultation. She also has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults around a variety of issues, including:

* creative process
* stress management
* mood disorders
* anxiety disorders
* somataform disorders
* identity development
* adjustment issues
* achievement
* self-esteem

She is passionate about empowerment of individuals, as well as helping to empower their relationships. Dr. Kauffman offers training in Relationship Enhancement, in both private couple sessions, as well as relationship groups in which several couples work together.

Dr. Kauffman also works with individuals who are not in relationship, but who desire connection. Women's Groups address relationship patterns and history, and the beliefs about relationship that may be standing in the way of fulfillment. These groups also help individuals overcome fear and anger that are residual from past difficulties, increase self-confidence and the ability to reach out for what they want, and develop clear communication skills, both expressive and receptive.

Another program offered by Dr. Kauffman is the Maximum Potential Project, which addresses those frustrating patterns of self-sabotage and fear of success, with which many people struggle as they work to better their lives. This project helps individuals overcome negative and limited thinking; change self-defeating behaviors, such as procrastination; increase self-confidence; learn how to create a peak performance state of mind; develop assertion skills; practice goal setting and follow-through; and clarify and begin to manifest personal dreams.