Maximum Potential Project

You know those individuals who are bright but they
drive you crazy because they squander their abilities
and waste their time?

Or what about those whose fears hold them back from
developing themselves socially? Or others who have periods of depression that stand in the way of happiness and fulfillment?

MPP helps them overcome their fears and limiting beliefs, break their negative habits, learn how to set goals and reach them.

The Maximum Potential Project was originally founded in 1990 by Dr. Kenneth Christian to help underachievers become more fully and productively engaged in their lives and maximize their potential. Dr. Kauffman, currently the Clinical Director of the Maximum Potential Project, has more recently expanded MPP to include interventions aimed at anxiety, depression, and patterns related to trauma, as well as underachievement in academic or career settings. Additionally, she has worked with visual, musical, and theater artists to help them unlock their own creative processes.

MPP has been shown to be effective in creating fulfillment, balance, and success in:

* Personal Relationships
* Career & Academic Pursuits
* Creative Endeavors

MPP Helps Individuals Overcome the Frustrating Patterns Associated with:

* Underachievement & Low Self-Esteem
* Mood & Anxiety Disorders
* Beliefs & Behaviors Related to Trauma

MPP Helps Individuals Explore Ways To:

* Overcome Procrastination
* Increase Self-Confidence
* Develop Assertion Skills
* Practice Goal Setting & Follow-Through
* Clarify and Begin to Manifest Dreams